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JDC Exam Routine 2014 Download

According to JDC Exam Routine 2014:– 2nd November Quran Majeed & Tajweed, 3rd November JDC AT Tawhid Walifiq (For irregular Students)/ Aqaid & fiqha, 5th November JDC Arabi 1st paper, 6th November JDC Arabi 2nd Paper, 9th November JDC English 1st paper, 10th November JDC English 2nd Paper, 11th November JDC Bangla 1st Paper, 12th November JDC Bangla 2nd Paper, 13th November JDC Social Science, 16th November JDC General Math, 17th November JDC Science/ General Science, 18th November JDC Agriculture Study & Home Economics.

JDC-Exam-Rutine 2014

JDC Exam Guidelines:

*JDC Exam have to take specified time which mentioned on Question paper.
* For creative and objective exam same answer script must be used.
* Students have to collect JDC Admit Card from School’s headmaster before 3 days of Exam.
* Applicant should fill up their Registration no, Roll no, Examination subject code properly in the OMR form and please never make any fold to OMR sheet in exam hall.
* Applicants have to do signature in the exam attendance sheet.
* Scientific calculator and mobile device are strictly prohibited in the exam hall.