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35th BCS new rules and new exam System

35th BCS new rules and new exam System www.bpsc.gov.bd. In order to
modernise the BCS examination system, the government has formulated new rules which might be in effect from the Upcoming 35th BCS examinations.

  35th BCS new rules 2014

The officials said that Bangladesh Public Service Commission, in short
BPSC, had sent a proposal by now to the public administration ministry
in this aspect. According to the annual report of the Bangladesh Public
Service Commission (BPSC) 2013, the BCS Examination Rules-2013 will be
prepared in Bangla.

As per the suggestions mentioned in the report, the BCS preliminary
examination will be of 300 marks and the duration will be of 3 hours.
Where as, by the present curriculum BCS exam is of 100 marks and an hour

The 35th BCS examination fee will be Tk 700 which is now Tk 500, at the
same time, the fee for the tribal candidates will be Tk 250 in lue of
the existing Tk 50.

As per the proposed rules, written examinations of all the subjects’
1^st Part will be of 200 marks with the duration of 3 hours and the 2nd
papers of all subjects will be of 100 marks with 3 hours time.

On the other hand, according to present system, the marks of the first
and second papers of all subjects are 100 and the duration is three hours.

In 35th BCS new rules a candidate having less than 30% marks will be
considered to have got no number which is 25% by existing rules. The
minimum pass number of viva voce under the 35th BCS new rule will be 50% in lue of the existing 40% mark.

“The Bangladesh Public Service Commission has given us a proposal in
this aspect. And now we are working to place it to the secretaries
committee. After the committee’s authorization, it will be sent to the
prime minister for her approval. After her approval, it will be sent to
the president for promulgation of the System. The next BCS examinations
probably 35 BCS will be held under the 35th BCS new rules ,” a high
official told at the public administration.

In reply to a question, the official said that the proposal will be
placed to the secretaries committee as soon as it possible. A member of
the public service commission also told that the BCS examinations rule
will be changed soon.

“In discussion with the law ministry, the draft BCS (age, eligibility
and direct test for appointment) Rules-2013, prepared by the PSC, is now
under progression at the ministry of public administration, as the BCS
Exam Rules-1982 has become worthless following the Supreme Court
judgment declaring the 7th amendment to the constitution illegitimate,”
the member said. “I hope that the new rules will be effective from the
upcoming 35th BCS Examination,” he also said.

In replaying to the question when the circular of the 35th BCS
examinations will be issued, he said that, “We are so far to fix the
date as the public administration ministry is working on preparing new

Senior secretary of the public administration ministry Kamal Abdul Naser
Chowdhury told that The BPSC had given some proposals to our ministry to
modify the BCS examination system to make it a time-befitting one. The
present rules of BCS are written in English but from now onwards it will
be in Bangla.